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The chemical and life science engineering tracks in the engineering master’s and doctoral programs are designed primarily for students who are interested in applying biological, chemical, medical and engineering principles toward important contemporary topics.

Check out the Faculty and Research pages to see the latest areas in the CLSE Department.

My undergraduate degree is in a non-engineering field and I am interested in:
B.S. to M.S. in Engineering – Bridge Program

My undergraduate degree is in an engineering field and I am interested in:
B.S. to M.S. Program
B.S./M.S. to Ph.D. Program

Typical curricula of graduate study in CLSE – M.S. / Ph.D.

Concentration components– CLSE course work CLSE 650 – Quantitative AnalysisCLSE 654 – Graduate Equilibrium Analysis

CLSE 655 – Graduate Non-Equilibrium Analysis

CLSE 656 – Graduate Reaction Engineering

STAT 641 – Statistics for Engineering

Track electives – engineering and/or science course work Grad Electives (500/600 level)
Directed Research Thesis Research (CLSE 697)
All CLSE graduate students attend Graduate Seminar (CLSE 690) each semester (does not count towards graduate coursework credit).
Please see the links to the VCU Bulletins for typical number of credits required for each program